Milk Churn Fairground Stall

Matthews Leisure is always adding to the large selection of red & white fairground side stall to hire. The latest side stall is the Milk Churn Side Stall. The Milk Churns are a traditional fairground game. This side stall is a game of skill & luck! Try and throw the soft balls into the top of the Milk Churn. Prizes can be given away for successful. attempts. Other side stalls we have to hire out our, Coconut Shy side stall, Cork Shooting side stall, Hook a Duck side stall, Tin Can Alley side stall, Bullseye side stall, Knock your teeth down, Hoopla side stall, Roll a Ball side stall, test your strength striker & Ball in a Bucket side stall. All the traditional side stall can be set up either indoor or outdoors.