Laser Clay Shooting Hire

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting is becoming one of the most popular participation activities for weddings, corporate events, private parties, Christmas Entertainment hire, fundraising events and exhibitions entertainment. Laser Clay shooting can be used outdoors with flying clay’s or Indoor Laser Clay Shooting with flashing lights.  It can be enjoyed by everyone with adult or child competing against each other.

Matthews Leisure supply and operate either the indoor Laser Clay Shooting or the Outdoor Laser Clay Shooting system at your location.

We have fully trained operators who will quickly get you hitting the clay’s or the indoor targets. Laser Clay Shooting is an addictive form of activity which will get you competing with the others in the group.

Each person has a modified real shotgun that fires an infrared beam.  It is completely safe. You shoot at modified clays launched from a clay launcher outdoors or at the targets as they light up indoors. When the shotgun trigger is pulled, the digital scoreboard generates the shotgun sound effect and if the clay or target is hit, the sound of a breaking clay is produced. 100% authentic, except no kick-back, we stake off a area so the flying clay’s land safely & can operate in confined venues.

The Laser Clay Shooting System we operate has the latest games with Rapid Fire, Speed Shot, Laser Shoot as standard.

Laser Clay Shooting is great to watch and take part. With 5 people shooting at the time for the Indoor & Outdoor Laser Clay Systems, you can entertain a lot of people.