With the Football World cup being placed with lots of people holding Football Themed events, Matthews Leisure have some great football entertainment to go indoor and outdoors. We have 4 Football themed side stalls – Football Cork Shooting where they have to shot down footballs. Football Shy side stall where you have to throw a ball and try and knock off the football. Football Target shooting Side Stall, where you have to hit the bullseye of the football & Soccer Hoopla Legs Side Stall where you have to hoop the football leg.

Other great Football Themed attractions for Football themed nights or football themed events are :-

Footpool – footpool /Snookball is played to the same rules as pool. But you use your feet as the cue. The 16 balls are footballs which have to be hit with the white ball into the pockets. FootPool / Snookball can be played 1 v 1 or in doubles. FootPool / Snookball can be set up Indoors & outdoors on any surface. Size of the inflatable Footpool / Snookball is 7.8m x 4.8m.

Inflatable Human Table Football is great fun It’s a Knockout game to play. The size of the Inflatable Human Table Football is 40ft x 20ft. The team numbers for the Inflatable Human Table Football is 5 a side. The Inflatable Table Football has to be played on grass. The Inflatable Human Table Football is great entertainment at any Football themed event.

The inflatable Radar Speed Football is suitable for teenagers & adults. Each player kicks the football into the Radar football inflatable cage. The speed of the shot is recorded using a radar speed gun, with the speed recorded on the large digital display. The inflatable Radar speed football is very competitive with players trying to beat the highest score during the football fun day.

The 6 Player Pinball Football Racing Game is the only one in the country! Similar to the Kentucky Derby Racing Game Up to 6 can play the Pinball Football Racing Game. Each player has their own pinball. They have to get their ball into the correct channel which moves their numbered Footballer along. Great for all ages. Can be set up indoors or outdoors in a 10ft x 10ft marquee. Size required 3m long x 2.5 m wide. Great for any football themed event.

The Inflatable Beat the Goalie is a great fun football game. The Beat the Goalie inflatable has numbered target holes, which you have to try and kick the football through. The Inflatable Beat the Goalie is suitable for children & adults at any football event.

Table Bar Football game is a good indoor game to hire. 2 or 4 people can play the Table top Football at the same time. We have several Table Football tables for hire. The Table Football is a good indoor attraction to hire which gets very competitive.

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