Football World cup

Soccer Hoopla Side Stall

The Soccer Hoopla Side Stall is a fun fairground side stall game to hire. With 4 Soccer Hoopla legs to aim in the side stall. Each player has to try and throw giant wooden hoops over the soccer legs. Prizes can be won on the Soccer Hoopla fairground Side stall.

Football Cork Shooting Side Stall

Football Cork Shooting is a very fun & challenging Fairground side stall game to hire. The Cork Shooting range is great fun for teenagers & adults. Using cork guns, you have to try and knock the Footballs off the shelf. Prizes can be given away if a duck is knocked down on the Cork Shooting fairground side stall.

Football Target Shooting Side Stall

The Football Target Shooting side stall is a great fairground side stall attraction to hire. The Football Target Shooting Side Stall is suitable for all ages. Using plastic crossbows & suckers, you have to aim & shoot at the Football bullseye targets. Prizes can be given away if required, when a bullseye is scored. The Bullseye game is a very safe entertaining fairground side stall game.

Football Shy Side Stall

The Football Shy side stall is always a favourite at any fairground theme event. The Football shy side stall comes complete with 5 shy holders & balls to throw at the footballs.. The Football Shy side stall is enclosed, so all balls are kept inside the fairground side stall.

6 Player Football Themed Pinball Racing

The 6 Player Pinball Football Racing Game is the only one in the country! Similar to the Kentucky Derby Racing Game Up to 6 can play the Pinball Football Racing Game. Each player has their own pinball. They have to get their ball into the correct channel which moves their numbered Footballer along. Great for all ages. Can be set up indoors or outdoors in a 10ft x 10ft marquee. Size required 3m long x 2.5 m wide.

Football Themed Jockey Derby Racing

Jockey Derby Football Racing is a great interactive fun game. Using the horses between your legs, the players have to move the horses up & down as fast as they can. The quicker your horse moves the quicker your coloured Footballer moves on the race track. The Jockey Derby comes complete with sound & commentary. The Football Jockey Derby is great entertainment & something different for your indoor event.