Laser Clay Shooting can be enjoyed by everyone who can hold the Laser Clay Gun

Laser Clay Shooting can be played indoor & outdoor. Laser Clay Shooting can be enjoyed by everyone who can hold the Laser Clay Guns which fire an infra-red beam at the plastic clays launched from the clay launcher.

Whenever a trigger is pulled it generates the shotgun ‘bang’ and when a player hits the target it reproduces the sound of a breaking clay. An indicator on the laser clay gun instantly tells the player whether he has hit or missed the target and spectators and players can see the score of each player on the large electronic scoreboard.

With Laser Clay Shooting you can play several games including, Lasersport, Skillshoot, Speedshoot & Rapid Fire.

The outdoor Laser Clay Shooting system provides a safe & easy to use alternative to traditional Clay Shooting with no mess. Laser Clay Shooting comprises of 5 deactivated 12 bore shotguns which have been converted into laser guns. A clay launcher is used to throw specially coated clays that reflect the beam of light shot from the laser clay shotgun. All set in its own arena of approx 40m x 30m, the digital Laser Clay Shooting scoreboard recording how many clays each person has hit or missed. Laser Clay Shooting is the only shooting sport you can enjoy knowing that there is absolutely no harm to the environment.

The Indoor Laser Clay Shooting system uses the same equipment as the outdoor Laser Clay Shooting, apart from instead of flying clays you aim at flashing lights. The Laser Clay Shooting indoor system consists of a back drop with 5 static light targets, which light up at random. When each target lights up all the players need to shoot at the same time. The lights will only stay on for a short time so you need to be quick and accurate. The scores will be displayed on the digital Laser Clay Shooting scoreboard after each round. At the end of each session the total score are displayed.

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