Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting Hire 

can be enjoyed by everyone who can hold the Laser Clay Gun

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laser clay pigeon shooting

Suitable for all Office parties or any Christmas event.

Laser Clay Shooting can be played indoor & outdoor. 

Laser Clay Shooting can be enjoyed by everyone who can hold the Laser Clay Guns which fire an infra-red beam at the plastic clays launched from the clay launcher. 

Whenever a trigger is pulled it generates the shotgun ‘bang’ and when a player hits the target it reproduces the sound of a breaking clay. 

An indicator on the laser clay gun instantly tells the player whether he has hit or missed the target and spectators and players can see the score of each player on the large electronic scoreboard.

With Laser Clay Shooting you can play several games including, Lasersport, Skillshoot, Speedshoot and Rapid Fire
laser clay pigeon shooting

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting

Outdoor Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting is a large attraction for a Team Building event. 
The Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting use modified guns to shot at plastic clays launched from an automatic clay launcher.

With the Laser Clay Shooting up to 5 people shoot at the same time. All scores from each round are displayed on the digital scoreboard. 

For Team Building events we will record the total team scores. The Laser Clay Shooting requires an area of approx 30m x 40m. If you are short on space we can supply an indoor Laser Clay Shooting system with flashing light targets.
laser clay pigeon shooting

Indoor Laser Clay Shooting.

indoor laser clay hire can bring the event to any venue, Indoor laser clay shooting is the most realistic of all the laser shooting, or indoor games. 

Your event can be transformed into a shooting area in a matter of minutes. 

Indoor laser clay pigeon shooting, up to five players can laser shoot at a time, at the illuminated 

Test your shooting skills with our indoor laser clay hire, The laser clay Pigeon Shooting hire fires an infra-red beam instead of real bullets so laser clay shooting for hire is very safe for all ages to enjoy. 

Hire indoor laser clay pigeon shooting games for the most realistic shooting simulators on the marke

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