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Hire our Red & white Side Stalls, Each with a different Christmas game & Festive theme backdrops.


reindeer pinball racing game

6 Player Pinball Reindeer Racing Game

Great new game. 
Only one in the country! Up to 6 can play the Pinball Reindeer Racing Game. 
Each player has their own pinball. They have to get their ball into the correct channel which moves their numbered horse along. 
Great for all ages. Can be set up indoors or outdoors in a 10ft x 10ft marquee. 
Size required 3m long x 2.5 m wide
roll a ball reindeer racing


Race your opponents by rolling your balls into the holes in your lane. When a ball goes in, your Reindeer moves faster towards the finish line. The first to reach the end is the winner! It’s fast, furious fun for players and spectators alike.

Pudding Shy

Hire the Christmas Pudding Shy Side Stall for your next party.

The Classic Coconut shy Side Stall but with a festive Christmas twist. Try and knock off the Christmas Puddings off the shies.

Present Side Stall

Hire the Christmas Present Side Stall for your next Party. 

The Classic Can-Can Side Stall but with a festive twist. Try and knock down the pyramid of presents to win.

Hook a Christmas Duck (Santa/Snowman/Elf)

Hire the Christmas Hook a Duck Side Stall for your Christmas event. 

The classic Hook a Duck with Santa, Snowman & Elf Ducks.

Reindeer Hoopla

Hire the Christmas Reindeer Hoopla Side Stall for your next Christmas Party. 

The Classic Hoopla Side Stall but with a festive twist. Try and throw the giant hoops over the reindeer to win.

Snowman Cork Shoot

Hire the Snowman Cork Shooting Side Stall for your next Christmas Party. 

The Classic Cork Shooting Side Stall but with a festive twist. Using cork guns, try and knock down the snowmen.

Father Christmas Racing

Hire the Father Christmas Racing Game for your next Christmas Party. 
This is a festive racing game is a great interactive fun game, played by 4 riders. 
Using horses between your legs, the 4 players have to move the horses up & down as fast as they can to make the Father Christmas move along the track. 
The Santa Racing game comes with sound & commentary.

Snowman Cork Shoot

christmas side stalls 3

Snowball Batak

Test your reaction speed on the christmas themed Batak Lite

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Vision Racing Simulators
Strike a Light Reaction Game
Batak Challenge
Inflatable Cash Grabber
Twin Metal Dance Mats
Motorbike Simulators
Inflatable Air Juggler
Electronic Putting Game
Casino Table – Roulette & Blackjack

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