Reaction Games & Reaction light Games -

Batak Lite, Strike the Light & Inflatable Batak Game.

Matthews Leisure is please to be able to supply Reaction light Games- Batak Lite, Strike the Light Game & Inflatable Batak Game for your team event.

You can hire these interactive machines individually or all of them in one package. Great games for Fun Days, Evening Entertainment, Team Building & Exhibitions

Hire our Inflatable Batak, Each player from each team stands on the opposite side of the inflatable Batak wall.

Batak Lite

Batak Lite plays in exactly the same way as the Batak Pro but with a more compact frame size the Batak Lite not only has a smaller footprint but the buttons are easier to reach with 8 illuminate lights which you have to hit out as fast as you can in 30 seconds. Batak Lite is the ideal form of entertainment for all types of events and functions. Batak Lite also has a digital timer & score. Batak Lite is just as addictive as Batak Pro with players trying to beat their personnel best score. Batak Lite is great attraction at any indoor event.

Strike a Light

Strike a Light Dual Hire
Strike a Light is an electronic reaction test game which has just landed in the UK. 
It’s a game that all of us here at Matthews Leisure are incredibly excited about bringing to our events! Like Batak Pro & Batak Lite, Strike a Light is one of the most addictive games we have ever played, people just want to play and play! 

Strike a Light is a high paced 2 player electronic reaction test game, which is suitable for both adults and children. The Strike a Light game is built on its own stand and requires about 3m x 3m to operate in. 
Strike a Light runs from a mains power supply and can be played both inside or outside (under cover of a mini marquee which Matthews Leisure will supply). 

If your event is outside we can run the Strike a Light of a 12 volt battery, if there is no mains power available at your event. Strike a Light has 2 different game modes that can be played. The first game mode can be played by 1 or 2 players at a time and the aim is to simply turn off as many of the lights as you can in 30 seconds. 

The 2nd game mode available is a head to head battle mode between 2 players. Each player starts off with a set number of lights illuminated on their side of the game board and the players have to try and pass their lights over to their opponent as quickly as possible whilst their opponent counter attacks with their lights. The first player to get all the lights onto their opponent’s side of the game wins.

Inflatable Batak

The Inflatable Batak Wall is a impressive fast action game played by 2 teams.
Each player from each team stands on the opposite side of the inflatable Batak wall. 

They have to try & push their blocks through while their opponent try’s to push them back. The player with the least blocks striking out is the winner. Inflatable Batak wall is good attraction for it’s a knockout events.

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